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We’re different: We’re not a training company…

We’re a people company. We get your people to be the best every day.

Your PEOPLE are more important to us than anything.

We are passionate about helping them ‘get it’ even when they don’t want to. Our learning gets them to ‘get it’. Our programs literally change the way people think, feel and act resulting in job fulfillment and increased performance. Who doesn't want that to happen?

Whether face-to-face or virtually, your people get an opportunity to take stock and evaluate themselves in a supportive atmosphere. We ‘open’ them up so they are receptive to the information about the way it is and the way they 'think' it is.

35. Mountain

They walk into the room thinking, ‘this is just another training program.’ But immediately realize something is different. They learn they have a choice to be better. 

It is fun, exciting, and, enlightening!

Why Choose MJ Learning

• Our learning is tailored to the individual needs of clients who expect measurable results
• Our service and delivery saves time and money by using experienced facilitators from every state
• Since 1985 we have worked with large and small companies across every market segment and industry
• Our Leadership and Change Institutes create core values that translate to success back on the job.

We Don't Just Talk The Talk

Client support for us is about being available to handle any situation at any time. So if a box of training materials does not arrive at a hotel or training room on time, or the class size has expanded to 300 participants instead of 25, or the liaison person has just turned in their resignation and nothing has been booked—we handle it so that none of the participants ever realizes there was ever a problem.

Our Clients

Because we have been working with the top Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years, the “buzz” about our good name and reputation has spread far and wide. We often get calls from other businesses, small and large, who have heard about us from friends, or family members who have graduated from our workshops.

40 Years

MJ Learning is dedicated to making you the provider of choice for your customers by holding accountable every individual for excellence and company success. Our training could be your organization’s greatest ROI. Experience the MJ Learning phenomenon now. Keep your customers forever.